Little Dragon - Forever

- Be enthralled by the sound..

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Scarlett Johansson, by Craig McDean for Vanity Fair

holy hell when did it become legal for someone to be this hot

Congrats to Scarlett johannson for her face and everything else

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For gigi-mcduck

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"   Decide what you want. Believe you can have it. Believe you deserve it and believe it’s possible for you. And then close your eyes every day for several minutes, and visualize having what you already want, feeling the feelings of already having it. Come out of that and focus on what you’re grateful for already, and really enjoy it. Then go into your day and release it to the Universe and trust that the Universe will figure out how to manifest it.   "
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My life

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I like to work. I feel blessed that I am working! A lot of my friends are going through a difficult time right now. I don’t think there is enough youth employment or enough push for youths to do what they want to do.


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